Parish Records information for Meppershall, Bedfordshire

Are you interested in family history genealogy information for Meppershall? Or simply interested in the history of Meppershall.
A CD of Meppershall Parish Records, from the Meppershall Parish Register, is now available, published in January 2011.
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St Mary’s church, Meppershall, could be a way to find your ancestors, through its extensive Baptism Records, Marriage Banns and Marriage Records and Burial records, maintained over centuries. Alongside census records, parish records are a way to “find my past”.

At almost 600 pages, the Meppershall Parish Records CD covers the period from 1602 until 1950. It lists the available public records of many thousands of baptisms, marriages (plus marriage banns) and burials at St Mary, Meppershall. With easy-to-use links, menus and index, the CD also offers 18 new high-quality photos and a three-page history of the church – telling the story of St Mary’s since 1100 AD.

The CD is published by the Parochial Church Council (PCC) at just £20.00. All proceeds go to the PCC’s fundraising for essential works to the historic church building.
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Meppershall Parish Records CD
PCC St Mary Meppershall
C/O St Brides, 33 Coneygate
Meppershall, Bedfordshire, UK. SG17 5GB
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The PCC owe a great debt of thanks to Sue Chapman whose painstaking work, transcribing original handwritten records, enabled this publication to happen.