Meppershall Village Hall – update 15th January 2018

Work is progressing well on the construction of our new Village Hall. At the time of writing this report in mid-January it can be seen that the roof above the hall is almost complete (left hand end of the photo below) but has been delayed due to the weather for the safety of the roofers.

Internally the walls are complete and being prepared for the installation of plumbing and electrical connections. The mezzanine storage area is nearing completion following the installation of the staircase last week.

Weather permitting the tiling of the roof will commence shortly, starting from the pre-school end of the building (shown on the right of the photo below). The windows for the entire building are being installed during February. As you no doubt know, once the building is watertight progress on the internal works move on very quickly. Overall the project is on target and moving forward each day.

Croudace have informed us that the following works will be carried out:-

Crackle Hill Path – we have today received confirmation from the Croudace directors that the space from the end of the path to the back edge of the highway area will be surfaced by their contractors by 26th Jan 2018

The holes where possible (not required for utilities access) will be surfaced by this date also.

The outstanding lighting bollard will be installed by 26th Jan 18, the other 3 are already illuminated.

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 Any queries please email and we shall be pleased to respond or to meet to discuss.

Meppershall Village Hall Trustees
Meppershall Parish Council
15th January 2018