Meppershall Village Hall – update 12th February 2018

This update has been written on 12th February 2018. When you read this, work will have continued to move forward towards completion.

Work on the roof has been hindered by the frosty conditions but as you may have seen the final timbers are in place ready for the waterproof membrane and battons to be fixed. The roof tiles are stacked on the battons of the pre-school block and will be fixed in the coming weeks. The roofers will be working along the whole length of the building, finishing above the changing rooms.

You may also have noticed that the slate grey facia panels have been fitted to the front of the entrance hall and also at the rear. They will shortly be fixed to the hall gable ends as well.

The next important step in making the building watertight is the fitting of the windows. The pre-school area is complete and later this week the glazers will work towards the completion of the rest of the building.

Once all the major external work is finished the scafolding will be removed and you will be able to see what the new building looks like from the outside.

The next stage of construction is called ‘First Fix’ when the M&E contractors take over. They are responsible for installing all the Mechanical and Electrical infrastructure such as heating, ventilation, lights, power, data, stage lighting equipment etc..

The Trustees are currently in discussions with the main User Groups about the final details of the facilities they would like in the new building. They are also talking about how the building can be used for other new activities while preserving what has been so successfully run by dedicated volunteers for many years.

The Pre-School, Bar, Snooker, Social Cub, Bingo, Brownies, Kickboxers and Meppershall Players continue to thrive in the Interim Village Hall and are looking forwards to operating in the new Hall as soon as they can. New members and participants are welcome, contact details are available at follow the links in the left-hand column.

If you are interested in organising an activity to be held in the new facility from early next year please contact our Booking Secretary for initial discussions.

Any queries please email and we shall be pleased to respond or to meet to discuss.

Meppershall Village Hall Trustees
Meppershall Parish Council
12th February 2018