Report from the Trustees of Meppershall Village Hall March 2018

On Friday 9th March the construction site for the new building was a hive of activity with almost 20 men working on various areas of the building. The window fitters were concentrating on the high-level atrium window and the M & E (Mechanical and Electrical) installers were fitting ventilation ducting, heating pipes and the cable trays to carry electric and data cables.
The roofing team who have had to contend with the worst winter for several years will have finished the tiling of the roof by the publication date of this edition of the Messenger. When the roofers and window fitters have finished, the external and internal scaffolding will be removed to make easier access for the internal teams and the outside structure will be complete.
At this stage the internal areas of the building begin to take shape and look like real rooms that we will be using later this year. It is important for the Pre-School area to be completed first as there is a regulatory inspection required by OFSTED that must be completed before they can move to the new building. This visit cannot be booked until their area is fully finished which we hope will be in the first half of the Autumn term.
Photographs of the building during various stages of construction can be viewed from the menus of: - or which are updated on a regular basis.
Moving forward to completion the Trustees have held planning meetings with the Pre-School, Meppershall Players and Social club to firm up the internal requirements and the design of areas within the build to ensure that it meets their current and future needs. It was almost four years ago when these groups set out their wish lists of what they needed in a new Village Hall and today these may have changed. It is also extremely important that the building is flexible inside to meet the needs of the existing and future users of the building for the next thirty years. The Trustees also consider that it is very important that individual areas of the building are not totally dedicated to one activity and are asking the main users to help us with this in the planning.
The Pre-School, Bar, Snooker, Social Cub, Bingo, Brownies, Kickboxers and Meppershall Players continue to thrive in the Interim Village Hall and are looking forwards to operating in the new Hall as soon as they can. New members and participants are welcome, contact details are available at follow the links in the left-hand column.
If you are interested in organising an activity to be held in the new facility from early in 2019 please contact our Booking Secretary for initial discussions.