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Update 23rd June 2017

steel frameThe MVH trustees and PC are very pleased with the progress made on site, summarised as follows:

The plan for keeping the existing MVH open, car parking and access via a safe and fenced off route to the side to enable construction traffic and work to proceed has worked very well.
Foundations and steelwork for the new MVH are in place with flooring work and block work starting in the next couple of weeks, so we will shortly see a recognisable building evolve.
The new MVH Car park area has been completed and is ready for use and MVH/PC have agreed that the top layer of tarmac will not be laid until all construction work is complete so as not to damage surfaces and end up looking like a patchwork quilt.
As we have planned the Interim MVH and new MVH will have more car parking than the current MVH.
Ground works for the Interim MVH have been completed and the utility services are being laid on for connection in due course.
The Crackle Hill pathway is in the course of upgrading to make this a good access way to the Interim MVH and new MVH.
The Interim MVH is being delivered next week (pre-fabricated, phased delivery by lorry so as not to disrupt the village traffic flows, ready for crane lift and construction on site) during next week and then bolted together to be made ready for occupation.

Move from existing MVH to the Interim MVH is planned for around the end of August 2017 i.e. all User groups, bar, social club and snooker table.
The new MVH project is some seven weeks ahead of the planned construction schedule.

The liaison by MVH + PC with Croudace over progress and matters of concern that have arisen has worked well between us all with issues raised by local residents, walkers, country side lovers and interested parties as well as technical issues related to the construction itself accommodated and dealt with on a practical and swift basis. Both MVH/PC and Croudace have been practical as well as technical reflecting the contracts agreed but with all parties recognising it is achieving a really good end result that is important and getting there will flex along the way.

Many environmental issues have been addressed and dealt with, alongside the plan for ensuring that when the new MVH is ready for handover the preserved trees and bushes as well as adjacent landscaping to be constructed will be maturing quite nicely.

It’s been great to hear about the way Croudace and Pre-School have liaised and been able to involve the village children in seeing and experiencing the progress of development and how it happens in their village and thus to be part of it, also being able to touch and play on (made safe) construction equipment but more importantly experts describing and explaining how it works and what is needed to be safe (they will remember that for ever, and such a good thing long term for young people), and of course how the young mums have needed to be dragged away from becoming budding JCB and Dumper Truck drivers!

The new MVH groundworks and steelwork will shortly be “boarded off” so as to ensure the works being carried out shield us all from any risk of danger or harm as the construction work progresses. We have agreed with Croudace that “safe windows” will be included so that all of us locally as well as the Pre-School children and indeed older children and users of the Interim MVH can see how the new construction is progressing, and the many stages involved. We anticipate this will be a great early learning experience for the children, and with organised visits continue the learning and awareness that they now have. This is important to us as trustees and Parish Council.

We should soon start to hear less of the construction work locally as the phases move away from groundworks to actually building. The drainage and water accumulation issues at the rear of Hilltop View houses resulting in flooding gardens should also start to decline as water from what was run off from the fields is channelled and directed away into the efficient drainage scheme being constructed. That will take a little more time and work to complete but should be functioning well by autumn/winter this year.

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