Meppershall “Old” Village Hall Update

The “old” village hall has been fenced off and demolition will shortly commence.

The MVH Trustees and PC have been assured by Croudace that the necessary surveys have been completed, and whilst asbestos has been identified as a complication in demolishing the old hall, all necessary steps will be taken to ensure the methodology adopted meets all relevant standards, so as to safeguard the public as well as occupiers of the houses nearby.

We have been assured that like a lot of such buildings built in the late 50’s and 60’s finding the presence of asbestos is not unusual. As set out in many authoritative publications we are also told this is not a risk to health providing it remains undisturbed. Over the many years of use therefore the presence of asbestos in the hall structure should not have been a problem for any user or anyone living locally.

The important issue now is that on disturbing the asbestos it is handled by authorised and competent contractors using the right equipment and processes for its removal from site. We have been informed by Croudace that arrangements have been made to ensure this is the case. Locally therefore we are likely to see stringent safety precautions and working practices implemented. It is important therefore that no-one interferes with those measures nor seeks to gain access to the old hall or adjacent land area within the fenced off perimeter whilst demolition is in progress.

We would like to have a photographic record of the hall being demolished, as indeed we know a lot of villagers would like for historic reference. However due to the nature of asbestos and the necessary safety precautions in its removal access to take photos is not likely to be possible.

We emphasise therefore that observing the safety restrictions and not accessing the old hall must be respected, for the safety of everyone.